Exposing university students from the fields of commerce, finance, economics, and business to industry leaders, Bond Investment Group is hoping to prepare a future generation of industry leaders to advance Australia’s place in the global economy. If Australia is to embrace the mantle of one of the financial hubs of Asia-Pacific, then the next generation of financial leaders need to be prepared.

Titans of Industry Forum

The Titans of Industry Forum is Bond Investment Group’s flagship event and its the pre-eminent business luncheon hosted by a student association in Australia. The aim of the Forum is to bring together the sharpest minds in the Australian business community to discuss some of the critical issues facing today’s business leaders. Over the course of the luncheon, followed by a panel discussion, senior executives from the business community discuss current trends facing Australia, including regulatory movements, current business conditions, and our financial architecture.

Previous Titans of Industry participants include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Mr Peter Hunt AM, Chairman, Greenhill Australia;
  • Sir Richard Branson, Chairman, Virgin Group;
  • Mr David Gonski, former Chairman, Australian Securities Exchange Ltd;
  • Mr David Crawford, Chairman, Lend Lease Ltd;
  • Mr Graeme Samuel, former Managing Director, Greenhill Caliburn;
  • Ms Nell Hutton, Managing Director, Goldman Sachs;
  • Mr Trevor C. Rowe, Executive Chairman, Rothschild Australia;
  • Mr Robert Milliken, Australian Correspondent, The Economist;
  • Mr Garry Weaven, Chairman, Industry Funds Management; and
  • Mr John Symond, Chairman, Aussie.

Women in Business Evening

The aim of the Women in Business Evening is to inspire the future generation of female business leaders to strive to reach their full potential. The event aims to bring together students, alumni and the wider business community to hear from inspirational speakers and explore contemporary issues facing women in the workforce today. In 2015, BIG was fortunate enough to have Teresa Dyson, a senior tax partner at Deloitte, as the keynote speaker for the evening.

Speakers Series

BIG invites a prominent member or members of the community to give an address that incites discussion and inspires students in their own career paths. Our most recent guest speakers were:

– Mark Sowerby, Founder of Blue Sky Alternative Investments;

– Jason Sedawie, Executive Director of Decisive Asset Management; and

– David Clarke, Executive Director of Legal, Risk and Tax at QIC.